Move4Her Cancer Awareness Walk
October 18, 2020

Our goal is to help raise $500 to benefit the Foundation for Women’s Cancer. The 1-hour walk will begin at 12:00pm behind the 92nd Street Cafe (view map). We will walk along a paved path (goes all the way to Tempe Town Lake). So get your kicks on and dogs are welcomed!

Please REGISTER ONLINE with the team captain Kelly Colonello. Kelly is a force as she works tirelessly as a nurse practitioner for gynecologic patients, etc.. Kelly cares, walk with her!!!!


Finding Ways to Show Our Support During the COVID-19 Crisis

Teal It Up Foundation showed their support to the patients at the Arizona Oncology Associates Scottsdale. Since they can’t visit the chemo room, they made posters with a message to the patients and the staff. It went over really well, but they now are working on improving their technique since most chemo rooms aren’t on first floor. It may be a challenge for them, but it will happen… STAY STRONG!

All meetings have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. That also includes pet therapy and delivering comfort bags. We can talk to survivors and anyone wishing to contact a survivor is encouraged to call Jan at 480-229-7347.

Someday …

Someday, fewer than 75% of ovarian cancer patients will discover their cancer before it reaches stage 3 or 4.

Someday, those patients will have a lower than 70% rate of recurrence, and higher than 30% rate of survival.

Someday, there will be fewer ovarian cancer patients because women will know they are at risk for ovarian and other cancers before it develops.

Our quest is to make that “someday” today.

From Teal It Up Ovarian Cancer Foundation Founder, Jan Coggins

“First of all, everyone is a survivor — a survivor of something! Life may differ in the specific tools we use in handling adversity. As an ovarian cancer survivor, I thought hiking 100 miles after debulking surgery and 18 hard weeks of harsh chemotherapy was crazy — but it was my way of beating cancer right back. That was what I needed to do after my diagnosis.

“You may get pure joy from holding a grandchild. The point is that everyone will treat adversity differently, and more than likely, that is what will keep you going stronger. Life itself is full of joy and full of challenges. We have to find our way of handling both. At the end of the day, I believe in counting blessings — not blisters (so to speak)!”


Ovarian Cancer book cover - 100px-tilted

Read about Jan’s book:
“Ovarian Cancer? You can NOT be serious!”

This book begins with my story of being here as a survivor.

jan coggins climbing mtn

Survivor Stories

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Jan Coggins speaks at
A 2nd Act: Survivors Take a Real Stage!

Listen to Jan’s story and how her courageous perspective is helping women everywhere better understand their risk.


Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death from gynecologic cancers in the U.S. Early detection can reduce this risk.

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Dogs have evolved to become attuned to humans and their emotions. That’s the reason behind our pet therapy program.

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Any person with a personal or a family history of ovarian cancer should be offered genetic counseling and testing.

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