33 Days…

alina andersonOn January 6th 2021, my wife Alina was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was 2 days after her 54th birthday.

Growing up in communist Romania, she developed a bit of nostalgic flair for America, while listening to Radio Free Europe and Voice of America. At a young age she became a fan of Elvis Presley and various other artists of that genre. She was ambitious with an inner desire to become a U.S. citizen and was elated and beyond proud when that dream became a reality.
Alina was an amazing woman … educated, adventurous and spontaneous who loved her life, her family and the many friendships she cultivated around the world.

She always enjoyed starting her morning routine sampling coffees from various parts of the world and sharing a glass of wine in the evenings. She loved traveling, fine-dining and experienced living life on her terms.

On February 7th, Alina lost her battle to ovarian cancer which began my battle and new found dedication to making her story known – she will never be forgotten.

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