Community Awareness and Education Programs

Zoo Walkers

Covid-19 can’t stop these volunteers from visiting chemo rooms even when the temps are rising… they take the zoo to the patients in hopes of bringing some joy!!!!

Call Jan at 480-229-7347 if you would like to join zoo walkers, it’s a weekly occasion!

Comfort Bags - Jan and patient - March2019Comfort Bags

We provide comfort bags for all newly diagnosed women with gynecologic cancers.  Comfort bags include snacks, slippers, scarfs, caps, encouragement letters, hand cream, journal, and really anything that we feel will make your treatment easier.

If you are a patient and need a comfort bag, please call: 480-229-7347
If you would like to make a donation to our bags, please call: 480-229-7347

Transportation Program

Teal It Up partners with American Cancer Society to offer funding for their transportation program. We learned that over forty percent of their rides are for breast and ovarian patients. We felt an obligation to help with this essential need some people struggle with. The foundation is now in its second year of funding. (2020) Please call American Cancer Society for more details.

Meals Delivery

In January 2020, Teal It Up voted to support the JoyBus’ mission of delivering meals to homebound cancer patients. Along with  our housekeeping, transportation, and now assisting  with meals , we believe we are making better use of our funds. Please note, as the JoyBus grows in their scope of service, so will their ability to serve more patients.

housecleaningHousecleaning Program

Women in active treatment may be eligible for complimentary housecleaning. The referral for services must begin with the provider. Once a patient is deemed a candidate the provider completes a form and then emails form to . The housecleaning services are available in Phoenix & Tucson areas.

Email for more information

survivors teaching studentsSurvivors Teaching Students®

Survivors Teaching Students® brings ovarian cancer survivors and caregivers into medical education programs to educate future healthcare providers about ovarian cancer by sharing stories of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship, along with facts about the disease. Medical/healthcare students interact with and learn from ovarian cancer survivors in a classroom setting.

Learn more about the Survivors Teaching Students® program

Jan & Bozeman - Arizona Oncology’s open house-Chandler - 350pxInformation tables at conferences, retreats and medical facilities

Recently seen at the Women’s Expo, Teal It Up Ovarian Cancer Foundation makes frequent appearances throughout the valley where they can provide information, educational material and personal support.

Interested in having Teal It Up at your event?  Please call us at 480-229-7347