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ovarian cancer Survivor retreat

For ovarian cancer survivors, the most important thing is knowing they are not alone.  At the Rejuvenate Retreat, you’ll be surrounded by a vibrant community of survivors, thrivers and co-survivors.


Away from the stresses of treatments, recurrence, or waiting for the possibility of recurrence; the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition & Teal It Up Ovarian Cancer Foundation is proud to present the 2022 Rejuvenate Retreat that brings ovarian cancer survivors together from all around the southwest to the Boulders Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, AZ.

During this two-day curated experience, survivors and caregivers engage in a powerful series of plenary and interactive breakout sessions that features inspirational speakers addressing the unique needs that women with ovarian cancer face while focusing on physical and emotional well-being, nutrition, relaxation, resilience, and self-care. Each session is curated to promote individual wellness and peer-to-peer connection; foster personal empowerment and provide the most up-to-date evidence-based information from leading experts as well as resources and tools to take away.

Join us for this three-day retreat!  This inspirational weekend will include: nutrition and healthy lifestyle classes, informative educational programs, yoga, support groups, self-care and much more.

The 2022 Rejuvenate Retreat is for both survivors and caregivers as we discover physical and emotional well-being, nutrition, relaxation, resilience and self-care.


For more information contact:

Jamie Aiken
NOCC Mountain Regional Mgr.

Janice Coggins
TIU Founder & CEO



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