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Below is a series of posts we’ve titled “Survivor Stories.”  We hope they bring you inspiration and encouragement.  ~ Jan

Meet Survivor Shelly Longenecker

There’s a poem by Dr. Robert L. Lynn – What Cancer Cannot Do. In it, Dr. Lynn assures, for instance, cancer “cannot cripple love. It cannot shatter hope. It cannot corrode faith. … It cannot destroy confidence. It cannot kill friendship. … It cannot quench the Spirit.” But stage 3C ovarian cancer survivor Shelly Longenecker shares what cancer CAN do. Cancer allows a reset, a do-over, a second chance. “You’re looking at Shelly 2.0,” she offered. Ovarian cancer is notoriously difficult to diagnose (one [...]

Meet Survivor Sherri Maple

This “Survivor Story” features Board Member Sherri Maple -- an inspiration to us all.  As Captain for Southwest Airlines, Sherri Maple was used to being in charge. “When it came to cancer, I no longer was,” she shared. However, Sherri’s cancer journey was unique in that there were no misdiagnoses or even let’s-try-this advice. In April of 2015, she’d noted some spotting and called the doctor with a declaration of “I have blood in my urine.” A transvaginal ultrasound was subsequently suggested. [...]

Meet Survivor Cristan Creasy

Our latest "Survivor Story" continues with Cristan Creasy ... we hope you enjoy her story as much as we did! Some people stand up to cancer. Others, like Cristan Creasy, cuss it out, wrestle it to the ground until it cries "uncle" and refuse to let it dictate how she lives her life. An Illinois native who has been in Arizona since 2016, Cristan was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 36. She battled endometriosis, suffering from swelling and just not being able to function [...]

Meet Survivor Jeanne Livingstone

This is the first in a new Series we've titled "Survivor Stories."  We hope they bring you inspiration and encouragement.  Cancer diagnoses can be paralyzing. But for cancer-free-since-2015 Jeanne Livingstone, she said, “I never asked why me.” She had a family history, both parents having succumbed to the disease. “I figured I was going to get it.” She also insists the challenges she’s faced in her lifetime have made her stronger. Family and friends would say Jeanne is blessed. Married at nineteen, she subsequently [...]